Science Superhero Guide


I am a scientist, educator and coach. I want to help people make best use of their brains and in doing so make the world a better place. The UK KS3 national curriculum in science for 11 to 14 year olds aims to stuff a load of disconnected facts into the pupils’ heads. This aim is not in the child’s interest and is not in the best interest of UK Ltd because it does not make best use of the child’s potential value generation.

Instead, we need to give children the tools that they need to think for themselves. We need to help children maximise their potential and creativity. We need to teach them how to think about thinking.

This prompt sheet is a first step in encouraging observation, questioning and exploration.

Actions – How to use

Indoor kitchen or outdoor street observation

Ask learner a question made from columns 1,2 and 3 eg

  • Where does that insect live?
  • What is that wall made of?
  • Where have you seen a shape like that?

Teacher records response keywords

Follow up

Draw a drawing

Tell a story

Create an invention

Research a topic

Tell me what you remember about <response keywords>

How does that make you feel?


We form memories as one concept connects with another in a network, web of ideas

Teacher is a guardian guide to exploration, shield from risks that learner is unaware of

Teacher is only allowed to ask open questions cf coaching