Guru Skill

  1. Communication: The ability to effectively articulate ideas and motivate others.

  2. Business and Economics: Understanding of business models, economic theory, and market dynamics.

  3. Technology: Knowledge of current and emerging technologies, and their impact on various sectors.

  4. Psychology and Social Sciences: Understanding of human behavior, social dynamics, and cultural trends.

  5. Health and Wellness: Knowledge of physical and mental health principles, wellness practices, and healthcare systems.

  6. Science and Innovation: Understanding of scientific principles, research methodologies, and innovative processes.

  7. Sustainability and Environment: Knowledge of environmental sciences, sustainable practices, and climate change issues.

  8. Education and Learning: Understanding of education systems, learning methodologies, and pedagogy.

  9. Policy and Governance: Knowledge of policy making, public administration, and government systems.

  10. Ethics and Philosophy: Understanding of moral principles, ethical issues, and philosophical theories.

  11. Arts and Culture: Appreciation for and understanding of various forms of art, literature, and cultural phenomena.

  12. Global Affairs and Geopolitics: Awareness of global events, international relations, and geopolitics.