What is the point?
Many people spend their lives in a job that they hate. They hate it because it doesn’t match their core values and innate skills. You can avoid this trap by choosing a career ear that aligns with your you’re called values and super skills.

What do I do next?
Find a business that matches your core values and needs and wants the skills that you found from your assessment results.

Isn’t this just another test of my ability to take tests.
Multiple intelligence assessment is done best in a practical context on a one-to-one with an expert assessor.
Is an interview with an experienced assessor that mimics the context without having access two practical facilities like musical instruments and physical puzzles.
To make this concept Warwick’s accessible we made this paper and web-based assessment tool to help you start your journey.

Shouldn’t it be free?
We ask you to help us develop more resources and spread the word by paying a token sum for the online assessment and downloadable electronic PDF version.

Why are there are so many questions?
It is ok to skip any questions that you don’t like. Assessment is supposed to have an element of fun about it.

Why isn’t my super skill intelligence not on the list?
Let us know what it is. We may add it later.

How does this compare with a DiSC profile?
DiSC profiling looks at your four main personality characteristics described in the DiSC model: (D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness. Is multiple intelligence assessment reflects your natural practical skills and passions.

How does this compare with the Clifton Strengthsfinder system?
The Clifton strengthsfinder tool is invaluable for employees and managers in larger corporations. It helps employees and managers to recognise their strengths and use them to gain more fulfillment and promotion within the corporation. This multiple intelligence assessment is useful at any stage of your education and career journey.